Mid-sized FBOs: A Closer Look

When it comes to Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs), the aviation industry has a variety of options to choose from. Large corporate FBOs may be more well-known, but mid-sized FBOs are also an important part of the industry. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what mid-sized FBOs are, what services they offer, and how they differ from other types of FBOs.

What are mid-sized FBOs?

Mid-sized FBOs are typically privately owned companies that provide general aviation services such as fueling, maintenance, hangaring, and pilot amenities. These FBOs are smaller in scale than large corporate FBOs, but larger than small FBOs that only offer basic services. Mid-sized FBOs usually serve regional airports and may have multiple locations in the same region.

What services do mid-sized FBOs offer?

Mid-sized FBOs offer a variety of services to general aviation customers. In addition to fueling and maintenance, they may also offer concierge services, flight planning, catering, and transportation services. Some mid-sized FBOs also offer aircraft rental, flight instruction, and aircraft sales.

One of the benefits of using a mid-sized FBO is the personalized service they offer. Because they are smaller than large corporate FBOs, they are often able to offer more personalized and tailored services to their customers. They may also have a closer relationship with their customers and be more familiar with their specific needs.

How do mid-sized FBOs differ from other types of FBOs?

Mid-sized FBOs differ from other types of FBOs in a few key ways. Compared to small FBOs, mid-sized FBOs are able to offer a wider range of services and may have more staff to handle customer needs. They may also have more modern facilities and equipment.

Compared to large corporate FBOs, mid-sized FBOs offer a more personalized and intimate experience. Customers may feel more like they are part of a community, rather than just a transaction. Additionally, mid-sized FBOs may have more flexibility in terms of pricing and service options.

In terms of pricing, mid-sized FBOs may be more affordable than large corporate FBOs, but more expensive than small FBOs. The cost of services at a mid-sized FBO will vary depending on the location, services offered, and other factors.


Mid-sized FBOs play an important role in the general aviation industry. They offer a wide range of services to customers and provide a more personalized experience than larger FBOs. Whether you’re a pilot looking for a fuel stop or a customer in need of concierge services, a mid-sized FBO may be the perfect fit for you.